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(sometimes spelt Makrygialos, Makry Gialos, Makriyalos, Makri Gialos, Makriyialos, ....)
Situated on the south east coast of Crete, Makrigialos is only 30 minutes from the working towns of Ierapatra (on the south coast) and Sitea (on the north coast).

Makrigialos is characterised by some of the best beaches in all of Crete (and that is saying something). There are many secluded coves, all gently lapped by crystal clear waters of the mediterranean sea.

A mountain ridge runs West to East across the island and
it is this which gives Southern Crete it's own very special climate. The mountains shield this part of the island from any 'inclement' weather. Additionally Makrigialos itself is surrounded by it's own mountain range. This geography means that the Makrigialos area has the best climate in all of Crete, and possibly the entire Mediterranean.

It is not difficult to understand why the area produces what is considered to be the best olive oil in the world.

The oil has a very high specific gravity and is widely treasured by the best restaurants worldwide. Available everywhere in Makrigialos for less than the mass produced stuff you would buy in your local supermarket !

For these reasons Makrigialos is the most successful tourist village on the South coast of Crete. The local produce is all of the highest quality and you will find it proudly available in the local restaurants, particularly lamb, fish, chicken, fruit, feta cheese, vegetables, wine, and of course the world famous olive oil. All around Makrigialos are thousands and thousands of acres of raw, majestic Cretan countryside and mountains.

On the doorstep of Lagada Resort are:

  • Pervolakia Gorge (an excellent walk with scenery and smells from the herbs changing with the seasons)
  • Mona Kapsa Monastery
  • Secluded coves where you can swim in warm crystal clear waters surrounded by mother nature. Long beaches where there is hardly another soul, even in the height of summer.

Outstanding restaurants including:

  • Stratos: Just outside the town, right on the beach. Beautiful fresh food & fish specials.
  • Dragons Cave: Head about 2km east along the coast road. Looking back towards Makrigialos and the mountain backdrop.
  • Diaskari Taverna: Literally on the waters edge at Diaskari Beach. Shaded by trees and only seating for around twenty people. Wonderful simple fresh food.
  • Porphyra: Fabulous Greek Meze and traditional Cretan food.

Makrigialos occupies its own bay in South East Crete, along a coastline of secluded coves
and quiet, easily accessible, golden-sand beaches. With its picturesque harbour and promenade,
waterside tavernas, restaurants and cafes, the village is lively but still unspoiled. Its beautiful bay,
long sandy beach and crystal clear water are matched by the friendly local hospitality. You will be
assured of a warm welcome wherever you go!

Adjacent to Analipsi, Makrigialos was once a tiny fishing village, but is now an established popular
due to the friendly local hospitality, with visitors returning year after year. The name
"Makrigialos" means "long beach", and you will find a long sandy beach with crystal clear, shallow
waters, which is perfect for children. The beach is lined with a good variety of tavernas. Likewise
the harbour has an abundence of restaurants, bars and cafes to suit all tastes, and is as beautiful
as it is atmospheric.

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